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Foire aux questions!


Q Can I be reimbursed by the Social Security and the Mutual?
Q What are the accepted payment methods on your site?
Q When will I get paid?
Q I have not been settled of the sale of my article
Q How do I update my bank details?

Shipping & Returns

Q What is the delivery delay ?
Q How do I track my order?
Q The status of my order is in shipment. What does that mean ?
Q Are the return costs my responsibility?
Q How do I track my delivery?

Sell my glasses

Q How to submit an article on MyBinocle.com?
Q What is MyBinocle.com's commission?
Q How to set the sale price of my item?
Q I filed an Article, when will it be put online?
Q I have proof of purchase, can I forward it to you?

Buy used glasses

Q Are the used glasses guaranteed?
Q The used eyeglasses are they reimbursable by Social Security?
Q Are items still available?
Q How do I send a message to my seller?
Q What is my interest in using myBinocle?


Q The glasses I ordered do not suit me, what can I do
Q Are your glasses warranted?
Q In case of error when ordering what should I do?
Q I am asked a coupon code before validating my order, what does this mean?
Q What is the shipping cost?


Q How do you adjust the glasses to my face?
Q What corrections do you cover in myBinocle?
Q Which glass manufacturers do you work with?
Q How do you adjust the glasses after they are made?
Q I want to change only the glasses on my current glasses. How much does it cost ?